Walnut Champagne Vinegar


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Product Description

Description:  A Sofi award winner.  Smooth golden brown color. A delightful mix of fresh and crisp champagne taste blended with earthy nuttiness.

How to use: Perfect to dress salads, especially when adding apple slices and chopped walnuts.  Blend with olive oil then enjoy as a compliment to a salad of endive, baby greens, chopped Fuji apples and crumbled bleu cheese.  Try on roasted green beans or mixed in a cold chicken salad. Overall, it is an incredibly versatile vinegar that adds distinctive character to all sorts of dishes.

Acidity: 6% | contains sulfites

Available in: 6.75oz glass bottle | 1 plastic gallon jug*

(*upon request, call 209-538-7600)

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Weight 6.75 oz

128oz, 6.75oz