California Citrus Vinegar



Product Description

Description: This beautiful fragrant vinegar is the perfection of California citrus in season.  A true dynamic citrus expression. We brought together the sweetness of orange, the tang of lemon with top notes of fresh lime, incorporated with our fine barrel aged chardonnay to create this light, fresh and flavorful vinegar.

How to use:  It is the perfect complement to a simple mixed green salad, or used to finish of any dish needing that bright “kick” of acid, or drizzle over fresh grilled fish. Use it in marinades for that perfect citrus pick me up. We love it over fresh cut avocados with smoked sea salt. Wonderful mixed with walnut oil and served over chopped celery, apples, white onion, ricotta cheese and fresh greens.

Acidity: 6% | contains sulfites

Available in: 6.75oz glass bottle | 1 plastic gallon jug*

(*upon request, call 209-538-7600)

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Weight oz

128oz, 6.75oz