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Where every ingredient matters.

California Crafted

Our vinegars and olive oils are crafted from the finest fruits of California. Every ingredient we source for our vinegar is all natural, ensuring the best flavors of each harvest. We are committed to enhancing every dish.

All Natural

Just as you carefully choose Non-GMO, organic, clean foods for your main ingredients, you want to be meticulous about the ingredients that enhance the flavor of your food. Sparrow Lane is dedicated to producing premium, handcrafted vinegars. Our all-natural products are made from the finest wines and exceptional fruits of California, without dyes or artificial preservatives.

Orleans Method

Our vinegars are crafted using the old world Orleans Method. Carefully aged in oak barrels, wine slowly turns to vinegar with the aid of natural fermentation, maintaining the true nature of the wine. Taste the difference of premium aged vinegar in every bottle.

Our Story

From our humble beginnings over 18 years ago in Napa Valley, now to the heart of California, we continue to produce high quality vinegars using wines from Napa and Sonoma. Sparrow Lane products are inspired by chefs, used by chefs, and loved by all.

California Sourcing

Why is California so important? It is home to some of the world’s best wine! Everything we use–from the various varietals of wine to the fruits and spices we use to complement our vinegars–create the perfect balance.  We know how important sourcing is, and that is why we say “when every ingredient matters…” Taste the difference for yourself.