Zinfandel Vinegar


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Product Description

Description: Deep red in color, old vine flavors with plenty of pepper and spice and slight port overtones.  Slightly tannic in the finish.

How to use: Perfect pairing with rich foods.  Goes well with Arugula greens dressed with extra virgin olive oil and topped with feta cheese and smoky bacon bits.  Drizzle it over sliced avocado with a dash of sea salt and fresh ground pepper for a simple salad.  Makes a great addition to Panzanella or for finishing winter greens like kale or chard.  Add to your strews for a sweet and sour burst of flavor.

Acidity: 6% | contains sulfites

Available in: 6.75oz glass bottle | 12.75oz glass bottle | 1 plastic gallon jug*

(*upon request, call 209-538-7600)

Additional Information

Weight 12.75 oz

12.75oz, 128oz, 6.75oz