California Peach Vinegar


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Product Description

Description: Take a sip of crisp summer California peaches. Light rose in color, crisp and clean with the flavor of sweet tree ripened peaches.

How to use:  Delicious in a salad with chicken or pork, fresh goat cheese and grilled peaches!  Make a delicious grilled peaches and pecorino salad.  Add gourmet flair to your salmon dish.  Use it in your next tart, crisp, pie, or cobbler to give it that extra burst of peach flavor.  Truly a unique sweet taste.

Acidity: 6% | contains sulfites

Available in: 6.75oz glass bottle | 1 plastic gallon jug*

(*upon request, call 209-538-7600)

Additional Information

Weight 6.75 oz

128oz, 6.75oz