Spring is here!! Where are You?

So here we are again!! I know, it’s about time we came out of hibernation (only a year) and back into the light (of the web).  All that aside, lets focus on what is important; it is SPRING time!! Time to start cooing again

Its that time of year we all wait for with anticipation of the first produce showing up as the farmer’s markets re-open.  For us here in California we have asparagus, artichokes, strawberries, fava beans and we are anxiously awaiting blueberries and so much more. My recent travels have inspired so many thoughts for new dishes and ideas that there just insist enough time to cook everything, but that is what weekends are for.

Since it is Friday as I am writing this, think about what you are doing this weekend. It’s time to get out, smell the flowers, cut the grass, go to the market stock up, and make this quick and easy asparagus salad.  See the recipe here in my secret recipe stash.