Happy Monday … Only 6 more days to go!!!

Yes it is a Monday! Did you wake up today thinking “It’s another week, well here I go to try to get through it” Or were you able to say ” Alright, another week, lets get going!! I can’t wait to see what I can create and take from this week!” To stay reminder of this thought, I have this reminder above my desk …

T.I.G.M                                                                                                                             Monday is not the day to be back at the grindstone. Monday is the day to take back at your passion. If you’re working for the weekend, you’re doing it wrong. Kick ass! Every Day!      (author unknow)

So in living our passion and hopefully creating some ambition for you, we are going to be sharing some fun vinegar facts and recipes this week as we gear up for National Vinegar Month!  What? Another national month! Who makes this stuff up anyway?  I digress. We are super excited because there is so much to talk about with vinegar we can talk for more than 2 months about it.

I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and best of all recipes.  We will be trying out some new ways of communicating, too. Should be fun.  I hope you check back in throughout the month of May and see what we have cooking.  One great way to make sure you can stay up to date with whats going on here go visit  this link and we will start with sending  you some of our favorite spring recipes.

So go out there and make today the best Monday this week  you will ever see.  And watch out for what we have coming out for you. It’s going to be a great week.