Happy Monday … Only 6 more days to go!!!

Yes it is a Monday! Did you wake up today thinking “It’s another week, well here I go to try to get through it” Or were you able to say ” Alright, another week, lets get going!! I can’t wait to see what I can create and take from this week!” To stay reminder of this […]

Spring is here!! Where are You?

So here we are again!! I know, it’s about time we came out of hibernation (only a year) and back into the light (of the web).  All that aside, lets focus on what is important; it is SPRING time!! Time to start cooing again Its that time of year we all wait for with anticipation […]

Drizzled Berries

Fruit with wine, or spice infused vinegar is always a deliciously safe bet when drizzled over a mixture of fresh berries. Sparrow Lane has all premium hand crafted wine vinegars made from the finest wines and fruits available. Find your favorite at sparrowlane.com | #balsamicvinegar #gourmetvinegar #vinegarchef

Whole Hog Dinner at Oliveto’s

February 4, 2014 I know what you are thinking: “man I could sure go for some pork!” Well thanks to Oliveto’s, (on the Oakland-Berkeley border) and the talented, creative mind of Chef John Rhodehamel, it’s time for the annual Whole Hog Dinner. And talk about an amazing menu array of delectable pig parts. Okay, that […]

Specialty Foods – Fancy Food Show 2014

Wow, what an amazing time we had at the Specialty Foods, Fancy Food Show this past weekend.  It was great to see many of our longtime friends and make some new ones.  There are always so many new things to see and taste. Yes – some you might regret but always plenty to try. Of […]

2014 Fancy Food Show

An Amazing Day at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, CA with Chef Jesse and Jennie sharing the taste of gourmet vinegar. “Every party needs a drink and what better tipple to try than shrubs or drinking vinegars — on trend for the Bay Area” – Special mention about the trend of drinking vinegars […]

Road Trip – Maryland

East coast road trip! First stop: Baltimore, Maryland. Spent some time out on the waterfront at Phillips Crab Deck with music from the Hard Rock playing in the distance. No clams here—just crab—Phillips is famous for crab. Soup is light and creamy with lots of blue crab. Fresh local oysters with a really nice, clean […]

Virginia – Delia’s Pizzeria

And now I’m in Virginia… Delia’s Pizzeria… “Must try”… so says Mario Batteli of the little local place. So why not…? My hotel’s nearby and I’ll order it as takeout. Not bad, but not great either. Crust was thick and chewy—definitely can taste the sugar in it. Sauce was sweeter than I like. Very cheesy […]