Cin Pear, 200 1650x1800
Cin Pear, 200 1650x1800

Cinnamon Pear Vinegar


Product Description

Sweet crisp pears and the warm taste of cinnamon gives this light amber colored vinegar a delicate, slightly sweet and woody flavor.

  • Superb when tossed with mixed greens, diced apple and/or pear and candied walnuts.
  • Use as a glaze on grilled lamb chops.
  • Add a layer of flavor with a splash in butternut squash soup or with sweet potatoes.
  • Cozy up an autumn dish like root vegetable souffles, baked fruit or nutty seasonal fall salads.
  • Add a teaspoon to your hot toddy in the winter!

Additional Information

Weight 6.75 oz


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